What Are the Advantages of Using an Open-air Cooler?

An receptive-air cooler holds many advantages over other characters of commercial iceboxes. One is that rather than having patrons and food-service crew worry about holding receptive a door when choosing or placing products inside an overt deli case, merchandise or items stocked inside these characters of industrial iceboxes can easy be pulled out or stocked inside the unit.

Also, these types of commercial coolers often differ in their refrigeration procedure. Open-gentle wind coolers force a stream of melody, or melody curtain, across the hatchway of the refrigerator help keep cold breeze inside.

In terms of case, you can choose from either a horizontal or erect open-air tank depending on what you require for your food market store, convenience store, supermarket, deli, gas station, coffee store, restaurant, or taproom. Choosing whether you want a perpendicular or horizontal open-air ice chest depends on the distance of your establishment. For instance, if you have lots of horizontal quad and several refrigerated food products to display, a horizontal open-air ice chest would be perfect. A upright open-air ice chest, on the other hand, would be great if the opposite is true: that is, if you have a narrow-minded opening but want to have refrigerated items easily accessible.

Whichever type of open-air cooler you select, you might also want to think about how many ledges you want for your open case refrigeration unit. Shelving is actually important because the number of shelves dictates how many items you can display in the available space you have in your open-air cooler. Some shelves can actually be tilted slightly to help increase the visibility of the merchandise.

ALK Cool has been providing excellent infrigidation solutions for over 20 years now. We provide a complete line of infrigidation, including multideck drink display case coolers, glass door ice chests, open-air coolers, deli display case chillers, freezers and so. Today, ALK Cool has grown to become a manufacturer of one of the most diverse ranges of infrigidation equipment available.

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